Twice-a-Week Writing

Teach students how to write like J. K. Rowling, Jack London, John Steinbeck, and Tara Westover

4 – 8 minute videos, twice a week,  for 12 weeks

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Sentences from real authors our simple numbering system = magic

For example:

Here's J. K. Rowling

And Jack London

John Steinbeck

And here's Tara Westover


How does all this work?

Each week for twelve weeks, we will send you two short videos that present sentences written by professional authors, along with commentary about the sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and content. Your students can then use those sentences as models in their next writing assignment!

When you register, the first two videos will be immediately available, and each subsequent pair of videos will be available at 7-day intervals. Thus, if you register on a Tuesday, all of the following videos will become available for you on a Tuesday. We recommend introducing the two videos on separate days, to allow focused discussion and practice on each one.

When your school has a vacation, holidays, or special events on the calendar, the lessons will still be delivered and waiting for you when you return. Thus the 24 lessons might spread over more than 12 weeks. We suggest planning ahead. 

Share to Classroom

If you are using Google Classroom, the extension Share to Classroom is perfect for sending the lesson to all your students in a class at once. Students may also register for the course on their own, depending on your school's policies.

And as you might have guessed, Twice-a-Week Writing  
is especially useful for blended classrooms. The students watch the videos at home, with the ability to review as needed, take notes, work on an assignment, and share through collaboration with fellow students and the teacher. Classroom time is then for discussion, clarification, sharing, and critiquing. In just a few minutes, twice a week, students will gain a new confidence and a new power over their writing, ready to write their next short story, narrative essay, or college application.

Pre-Release available now!

Twice-a-Week Writing will officially premier at LearnLaunch in Boston on January 30, 2020. Help us make sure it's looking good. Sign up, and we will send you the access code right away so you will have a head start. And again, it's free. (Please use your school email address)

 Author photos:

J. K. Rowling — ©      Jack London — public domain     

 John Steinbeck — © Mads Madsen    Tara Westover — © Antonio Zazueta Olmos