No matter what kind of writing you do, sentences are your top priority. Using the lessons from "The Sentence," you will soon be writing sentences unlike anything you've ever written before. You'll learn the vocabulary of great writing, how to build suspense and deliver the action, and how to design your style to match your audience. Best of all, you will be in total control, making decisions with confidence, capturing the sharp details, and moving along from sentence to sentence with the flow that great writing demands. 

The "Sentence" course consists of 25 lessons, with more than two hours of videos, plus pages for reading, exercises for assignments, and a forum for discussions at the end of each section. (see the Course Curriculum, below).

These lessons are designed for grades 7-10, when the focus is on creative writing and narrative essays, and for older students and independent learners who want to review or concentrate on these areas. This course sets the stage for the later lessons on paragraphs and essays.