Don Stewart

"When we sharpen a pencil, we get to the point by subtracting. When we write, we get to the point by adding. The modifier is the essential part of any sentence."

  • Career English teacher, retired
  • Director of Write for College, for 25 years a summer writing program reaching over 1000  high school students 
  • Author and editor 
  • Frequent presenter at writing conferences, including National Council of Teachers of English and the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar 

Dr. Francis Christensen

I must admit that I cannot take credit for figuring all this out. That honor goes to Dr. Francis Christensen, who was a professor at the University of Southern California. In 1967 he published his masterpiece, The Christensen Rhetoric Program, which unveiled this entirely new approach that consistently resulted in immediate and dramatic improvement in student writing.

In 1988 I acquired the copyright to the works of Dr. Christensen, and since then I have revised his original text and written an additional pair of workbooks, resulting in a three-book series, published as The Stewart English Program (below), that spans grades seven through twelve. I have also reprinted Christensen's collected essays, called Notes Toward A New Rhetoric: Nine Essays For Teachers. Most recently, I have been teaching the program to adults, as they need to improve their writing skills for success in their jobs, their continuing academic pursuits, or their personal writing needs.  

It is with excitement that I return to Write for College and offer it to the world.

All of these books are available on Amazon, or from the publisher,, in quantity.

Writing Whatever and Write for College

What's the connection?

Don Stewart

In addition to his decades of classroom teaching, Don Stewart ran the summer program known as Write for College for students from high schools all around the Boston area for 24 years. He then developed the Writing Whatever online course, which colleges and universities can install on their learning management systems, such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas.


Inspired by the live, online teaching opportunities that have become the new normal for schools everywhere, Don is bringing back the Write for College program, this time available online for students worldwide. All classes are live and will cover the same content as the original 3-week summer program. We invite you to become part of this exciting moment.

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