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What we believe—

In three words, this little graphic summarizes the way writing should be taught. When the class is reading To Kill a Mockingbird, the teacher should take time to point out the great sentences—how they are constructed, why they are so vivid, and how they achieve such emotion. And she should not hesitate to use grammar terms to do it, especially phrases and clauses.

After finishing the book, she should assign a creative paper in which the students select three of those wonderful sentences, empty out Harper Lee's words, and pour in their own, keeping the same grammar and style. Teacher and students will find that all the other sentences will improve, inspired by  the quality of Lee's writing, and they will be the best stories those students have ever written.

That's the way Writing Whatever teaches writing. Study real sentences, real paragraphs, real essays, and use the real grammar vocabulary. All the elements must always be connected.

I want the world to know about this method. I did not invent it, but I have taught it to thousands of students for decades. It works.

And it is free.

Don Stewart

Get the e-books now! — FREE!