The Teacher's Guide, which is available stand-alone ($29) or bundled with the Complete course (free), contains the following resources to support classroom or home use of the Writing Whatever online course:

— All sentence and paragraph assignments used in the course

— Sample answers for the sentence exercises

— The “Idea Bank,” filled with fun and focused activities for reinforcing all lessons

— The three ways (and surprisingly, there’s only three ways) to describe something

— Video showing how to use the unique system to create your own assignments

— My favorite Jack London writing assignment

— Bonus: Access to the Teacher's Corner, where you and other teachers can share tips, assignments, and comments

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • How to write out the Numbering System

    • Forum: Using a Table for Numbering

  • 2

    All Sentence Exercises

    • How to do the exercises

    • Numbering_System_-Ex._A

    • Pres. Part. Ph.-Ex. A

    • Pres. Part. Ph.-Ex. B

    • Pres. Part. Ph.-Ex. C

    • Past Part. Ph.-Ex. A

    • Past_Part_B

    • Noun Phrase -Ex. A

    • Absolute Phrase -Ex. A

    • Absolute Phrase -Ex. B

    • Absolute Phrase -Ex. C

    • Adjective_Cluster_A

    • Adjective Clause -Ex. A

    • Adjective Clause -Ex. B

    • Adverb Clause -Ex. A

    • Adverb Clause -Ex. B

    • Forum: Comments on the Sentence Exercises

  • 3

    Sentence Exercises — Answers

    • Numbering System -Ex. A answers

    • Pres. Part. Ph.-Ex. A-ans

    • Present Part C ans

    • Past Part A ans

    • Past_Part_B_ans

    • Noun Phrase A ans

    • Absolute Phrase A ans

    • Absolute Phrase B ans (1)

    • Absolute Phrase C ans

    • Adjective Cluster A-ans

    • Adjective Clause A ans

    • Adjective_Clause_B_ans

    • Adverb Clause A ans

    • Adverb Clause Ex. B answers

    • Forum: Comments on the Answers

  • 4

    All Paragraph Exercises

    • Expos Sent. Ex. A

    • Expos Sent. Ex. B

    • Expos Sent. Ex. C

    • Expos Sent. Ex. D

    • Para Ex. A

    • Para Ex. B

    • Para Ex. C

    • Para Ex. D

    • Para Ex. E

    • Para_Ex._F

    • Forum: Comments on the Paragraph Exercises

  • 5

    The Idea Bank

    • The Idea Bank

    • IB-Pres parts

    • IB-Past parts

    • IB-Inf. Ph

    • IB-Abs Ph

    • IB-Adj Cl

    • IB-Adv Cl

    • Forum: Comments on the Ideas

  • 6

    Three Ways To Describe Something

    • Only Three?

    • Forum: Comments on Description

  • 7

    My Favorite Assignment

    • Jack London — Again

    • Jack London "favorite assignment"

    • Forum: Comments on Jack London Assignment

  • 8


    • The Take-Away

P.S. Administrators are encouraged to inquire about reduced pricing for classrooms, schools, and districts. The entire Writing Whatever program can be stored and accessed through Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and many other learning management systems. 

Teacher training videos are also available, as well as on-site workshops. Please contact Don Stewart for more information.