A quick look at the curriculum below hints at the structure of the Writing Whatever lessons—short videos, follow-up text that provides more examples and reinforces the central points, exercises to assess student learning, and answers that confirm understanding.

You will also see the two unique features of this program that distinguish it from any other approach to writing instruction. Within the first minute you will see how we explain a sentence by J. K. Rowling, from which students can immediately create their own sentence and add it to their next story. And you will also get your first glimpse of the unique numbering system that finally demystifies the entire realm called writing. Kids get it, and the satisfaction is immediate.   

Even if you do not decide to enroll in later lessons, these three lessons alone will make you, your child, or your students better writers.  

Course curriculum

  • 1
    The System
    • Introduction
  • 2
    The Numbering System
    • Section 1 — Video
    • Flow After
    • Is it a Level 1?
    • Section 2 — Video
    • Flow Before
    • Section 3 — Video
    • Flow Down the Middle
    • How to do the Exercises
    • Numbering System-Ex. A
    • Exercise answers
  • moodle
  • NECN