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Course description

So — You need to learn how to write better?

 You’re not getting the grades you want, or the promotion you want, or the happiness you want.

Sometimes you have writer's block. Other times you know what you want to say, but you don’t know how to say it. 

It’s time to change that.

No matter what you are writing — a college essay, your memoirs, your company's annual report, or the next New York Times bestseller — the Writing Whatever course will change the way you write for the rest of your life.

Here's what you'll learn

— The secrets of the great authors, from Jack London to J. K. Rowling

— How to make your essays super organized

— How to achieve that elusive quality called "flow"

Here's what people say about Writing Whatever

“Why didn’t someone tell me all this years ago? I get it!”

"I am an independent writer, benefiting tremendously from your program and its exercises, which give me both skill and confidence."

"I won the Gold Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing for my portfolio. Considering that I came to US just a year before I took your class and that it has only been 4 years I have lived here, I think it's quite astonishing. Writing has become a place where I can just go and let my mind wander."


Q. Who should take this course?
A. Anyone who wants to learn to write better — grade 7-adult

Q. How is this course different?
A. We show you how real authors write, and we use a unique, copyrighted system to do it

Q. What kind of writing do you teach?
A. The course is called Writing Whatever for a reason. All writing needs specifics, organization, and style. That's what we teach.

Q. Is this a subscription, or do I own the course?
A. You own the course forever, including all future updates.

Q. What if it just doesn't work for me?
A. Give it thirty days, and work through the first 14 lessons. If you don't feel you have improved your writing skills, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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Don Stewart
Don Stewart
Your teacher
  • Career English teacher, retired
  • Director of Write for College, for 25 years a summer writing program reaching over 1000  high school students
  • Author, The Stewart English Program, a 3-book series, grades 7-12
  • Editor, Notes Toward A New Rhetoric: 9 Essays for Teachers, by Dr. Francis Christensen 
  • Copyright holder of The Christensen Rhetoric Program, the foundation of the Writing Whatever course 
  • Frequent presenter at writing conferences, including National Council of Teachers of English and the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar 



Part 1 — The Sentence
Part 2 — The Paragraph
30 — Delayed Coordinate Sequence
Part 3 — The Essay
34 — The Snapshot Introduction
35 — The Vocabulary Triangle
36 — How To Use a Semicolon
37 — Correlative Conjunctions
38 — How Form Echoes Content
39 — Compare and Contrast Essay