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How real writers write | Taught by Don Stewart

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There are 60 lessons in the Writing Whatever program.  
Here are the first three.  
I call them “The System.” And they are 100% FREE. 

I believe that everyone who writes, and everyone who teaches writing, should know “The System.” 
“The System” is the absolute foundation of everything that follows in the Writing Whatever program, whether we are talking about sentences, paragraphs, stories, or essays. Even if you do not decide to enroll in later lessons, these three lessons alone will make you a better writer.  
So watch these videos, read the lessons, give the exercises a try, and check your answers. I think you will agree that just these few lessons will open doors to understanding writing as you have never known before. Imagine what you’ll learn from all 60 lessons.

Your future begins now.

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Don Stewart 

Don Stewart
Don Stewart
Your teacher
  • Career English teacher, retired
  • Director of Write for College, for 25 years a summer writing program reaching over 1000  high school students
  • Author, The Stewart English Program, a 3-book series, grades 7-12
  • Editor, Notes Toward A New Rhetoric: 9 Essays for Teachers, by Dr. Francis Christensen 
  • Copyright holder of The Christensen Rhetoric Program, the foundation of the Writing Whatever course 
  • Frequent presenter at writing conferences, including National Council of Teachers of English and the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar